Total of $100M Investment Capital!

Blue Venture Fund is an equity-based Private Equity Fund. It was created to provide capital investments for fast growing scalable post revenue Tech companies in North America. The sole purpose of Blue Venture is to grow the North American Startup ecosystem. The fund will make capital investments up to $10M per deal for qualified companies.


  • Companies that are considering applying must be qualifiedbased on the following:

  • ♦ The company must be registered in the United States.
  • ♦ The company must be in located and operate within the United States.
  • ♦ Company ownership with a 51% ownership by United States residency.
  • ♦ Must be a for-profit entity.
  • ♦  Must have a fully functioning product.
  • ♦  The company is generating revenue.


Companies that will qualify for the fund will agree to the following conditions:

♦ The company must have at least $1.5M in annual revenue
♦ The company is profitable
♦ Have a full stack management team.
♦ Have a complete Advisory board.
♦ Pass the Due-Diligence Process.

How dose the process work?

The Process

Application Submission

0 - 14 Days

Application Review

14 - 25 Days

Due Diligence

25 - 30 Days

Final Selection

30 - 35 Days

Final Decision

35 - 45 Days

Deal Closure

How to apply?

To make sure that we process your request quickly and efficiently, we will be using Sidepitch as our Venture Fund management system.

Please read the instructions and follow the process for quick turn around. We will not respond until the application process is complete and submitted.

Please use our unique Pitchmark

Thank you!
City Side Management Team

The Fund Focus on:

What industries and market segments the fund is designed for?
  • AI - Artificial Intelligence
  • IoTssA
  • Big Data Analytics - Visualization
  • Connected Vehicle Tech
  • TIM - Technology In Motion
  • Machine Learning
  • Cyber Security

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