A Different Kind of Venture Group

Our venture group is more than just traditional investors, we are a boutique private equity group that is willing to look deeper, wider, and bigger.

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Over $360M in Access Capital

About Our Firm

City Side Venture is a boutique private equity group that is being managed by a unique, distinct and highly diverse group of seasoned and highly accomplished entrepreneurs. We have established ourselves as a “Game Changer” in the traditional startup experience. We are more than just traditional investors. We look deeper, wider, and bigger.

Unlike most private equity groups that are chasing the next “Unicorns” and looking for larger deals, we like to get involved on the ground floor, in the beginning. We are a venture operated group. We put our experience, expertise and social capital to work.

Our business mindset is that it takes a village to launch a startup. We are committed to redefining the startup experience in the state of Michigan simply by keeping the balance between innovation, impact and outstanding business performance.

We are not looking to invest in cars, we are looking to invest in drivers. Confident, aggressive, open minded drivers with endless energy and passion.

If you are this kind of a driver, call us.

Our Focus
What industries and market segments are we interested in?
  • AI - Artificial Intelligence
  • Automotive Technology
  • B2B, B2C, & H2H Platforms
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Financial Technology
  • IoT Connectivity
  • Medical & Healthcare Technology
  • Mobility

Our Investment Platforms


GREENSEED Venture Fund is an early stage - equity-based match venture fund that was created to fund and grow Early Stage Michigan based Tech companies. It is our highly attractive hybrid investment model.


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VENTURE (248) /(V248)

Venture (248) is an equity-based venture fund that was created to fund and grow Second Stage Michigan Tech companies. Its sole purpose is to grow the Michigan Tech Startup ecosystem.


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Blue Venture Fund is an equity-based Venture Fund. It was created to provide capital investments for fast growing scalable post revenue Tech companies in North America.


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Our Venture Partners

Our global syndication of venture partners represent over $300M in investment capital

Our Process

Pitch it. Fund it. Launch it.

The Driver
[The Entrepreneur]
We invest in Drivers Not Cars.

We will pick the driver regardless of what kind of car they drive. As long is it is a legal, moral and ethical business, - we are all in!

The Car [The Business]
Our philosophy is simple.

If you put a great driver in an average car, you will get above average performance. A great driver will perform with any car, at any time, in any race.

The Race [The Market]
Finishing the Race.

We can fix or suit up the car. We are not "Industry" focused we are "Driver" focused. Find the driver, fix him a car, and get him in the race.

Our Innovative Approach

Bringing the Venture Capital market into
the 21st Century.

City Side provides solutions to find and manage investments for investors and corporate ventures using today's technology. With the development of our online Venture Management System (VMS), we have automated the process of investments from start to finish.

We are connecting tech entrepreneurs and startups with investors and corporate ventures worldwide. Find, screen, qualify, vet and select investment opportunities across the globe all from one platform from the contingency of your computer. Save time by having the ability to evaluate a high volume of investments through the deal flow and make better decisions.



The Sidepitch Platform

A Venture Management System (VMS) platform that is pioneering a new category within the Financial Technology market by leveraging a high-tech approach to the traditional venture capital market worldwide.

What Do We Offer?

Early Stage

Available funding of $ 50K - 250K for early stage investments in tech companies.

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A highly adaptable platform modernizing the venture business.

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Syndication Management

Join a large syndicate of investors to lower risk and increase investment success.

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Our Team

We are active investors full of energy. A savvy "tribe" of entrepreneurs ready to go to work with you in the trenches, in the mud, and on the grind.

Doron York
Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Yang
Anthony Steffens
Chief Technology Officer
Brandon Shamoun
Chief Legal Officer
Our managing partners are multi-generational and highly diverse with over 50 years of combined business success.

Accountability + Discipline + Execution = Performance

Our Operating Principles

Integrity and Transparency

Doing business in an open, honest and transparent way that is completely visible to our stakeholders and venture partners.

Courage and Drive

Boldly forge and moves ahead with full force and high velocity. Take bold calculated risks that will yield a high level of return on equity.

Making an Impact

Positively influence communities across the globe. Investing in businesses that create an economic impact, creating jobs and expanding ecosystems across the country.

Fiscal Responsibility

To be aggressive while watching the bottom-line. Be calculated, responsible in our decision-making process, providing the most progressive risk management.

Doing the Impossible

Moving beyond "impossible" with power and ease. Taking on an industry game-changing companies. Operating inside “Can Do” mindset, if it is impossible we can do it.

Our Current Investment Portfolio

Venture Studio

Equity Stake: 20%
Total Investment: $100K

B2B Platform

Equity Stake:43%
Total Investment: $250K

B2B Platform

Equity Stake:40%
Total Investment: $140K

B2B Platform

Equity Stake:N/A
Total Investment: N/A


Equity Stake:100%
Total Investment: N/A


Equity Stake:90%
Total Investment: N/A

B2B Platform

Equity Stake:46%
Total Investment: $50K

B2B Platform

Equity Stake:N/A
Total Investment: N/A

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